inbro iOS App Upgrade: Download Directly From Notifications

The new release of the inbro powered iOS app has been upgraded to support Apple's 'interactive notifications' feature.

Just swipe down from a new inbro notification so see a 'Download' button.

Touching 'Download' opens the app and automatically starts the download - there's no more for the user to do.

When the notification appears on the device's lock screen, the download button is available as an option on swipe.

(Thanks to Avalon Cruises, their app is available here: .

iOS Smart App Banners on inbro SeeInside

We've just upgraded inbro SeeInside to support Apple's "Smart App Banner" feature. As recommended by Apple, readers browsing SeeInside on mobile Safari are automatically shown an informative banner when the account has an app that supports their device.

The banner is in a simple and familiar format that most device users will have seen before. Apple use a consistent design intended to avoid confusion with advertising banners.

Clicking "View" takes the reader to the app's download page in iTunes.

If the device already has the app installed, the banner switches to a simple link allowing the user to open it immediately.

inbro can provide managed apps for both iOS and Android, for a fixed monthly fee. Click here for more information or email inbro on

Responsive Upgrades: Swiping & Site Homepage

A quick update on 2 new upgrades we put live on inbro SeeInside recently.

Swipe To Change Pages

On a mobile device - tablet or phone - inbro SeeInside will respond to horizontal swipes to change pages. Swipe right to left to proceed through the document, or left to right to go backwards.

This is completely intuitive for tablet users and has already become our instinctive action for reading with SeeInside.

Site Homepage Redesign

Again for the particular benefit of mobile users, the homepage is now completely responsive to device screen size and orientation.

The best way to show this is with screenshots so here we go!


iPad Landscape

iPad, Portrait

iPhone 5 Landscape

iPhone 5 Portrait

Android App Upgrade: Improved Library Screen Navigation

We've just published an upgrade to all inbro-powered Android apps to help readers manage screen with large numbers of inbros. The screen is split into up to 4 sections: New, Featured, Downloaded and All.

New inbros are all those published within the last 14 days.

Featured are inbros the publisher particularly recommends - this is managed in inbro Publisher.

Downloaded are inbros the reader has downloaded to their device.

All shows all live inbros on the account, plus any the reader downloaded before they expired.

For best reader convenience inbros are shown in every relevant category.

Android App Upgrade: Background Notifications

We've just pushed an upgrade to all inbro-powered Android apps. The apps now tightly integrate with Android to show a system notification when a new document is published, and to make it easy to jump straight to them.

Every publisher branded app has its own custom designed notification icon. The notifications, from the user's point of view, are persistent and useful but not intrusive.

Our thanks to Jet2 Holidays for permission to use their branded screenshots. You can download the app from here.

Nicer layouts for landscape inbros

We've recoded the inbro SeeInside thumbstream view for landscape views to show off the beautiful double page spreads that publishers often create. We think it's much nicer to look at. Some before/after screenshots below.


inbro Facebook integration now live

We've just upgraded inbro to include Facebook integration.

This means publishers who manage a Facebook Page can easily add all their online documents to their Facebook presence, via a new tab on their Page.

Facebook users can Like and Comment on inbros, and click a cover to read online directly from Facebook. Likes and Comments will appear in users' own Timelines too, helping spread the word.

Once set up, the page is maintenance free - inbro will make sure it is always up to date.

For more information see:

If you're a current client this is a no-charge upgrade to your inbro service, please login to inbro Publisher for information and setup instructions. If you're not a client and would like to try inbro please apply here.



Better Printing

We've just rolled out an upgrade to inbro SeeInside to improve printing. Your readers can now easily print any single document page, or pair of pages, just by using their browser's Print functionality. No special tools or tricks are needed.

For maximum readability, the printed version of the document page will show only the document page itself. The SeeInside website's frames and navigation tools are all removed, what's left is your content front and centre.